Teacher PD


Program participants learn about soil infiltration.

We also do teacher professional development if a school’s administration is interested in establishing the school as GLOBE Program school (http://GLOBE.gov) and having their teachers trained. GLOBE is a joint NASA, NOAA, NSF program. The Earth Lady is a certified Master Trainer in the Pedosphere (soil) protocols and is a trainer in all of the other GLOBE Program protocol areas, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, and Biosphere. She can train teachers to become active in GLOBE in any of the protocol areas. Once a teacher is trained in even one protocol, she or he can use every GLOBE resource on the website.


If you, as a school principal want the teachers to be trained to do GLOBE, we can train them in any of the GLOBE protocol areas. This sort of workshop would need to be done on a weekend. We can provide the equipment if you can provide the teachers and the training space.


Participants sample and characterize soil.


If you want your teachers to get training on how to present science in an exciting, experiential way, so they excite their students into learning, meet NGSS standards, and raise their scores, we can model a teaching program on any of our science programs.