Earth Lady Programs

Our programs teach students of all ages about Earth Science and our precious natural resources.

We have exciting, interactive, hands-on programs and workshops to teach students how to live green and leave a small footprint.

Earth Lady small footprint environmental education
Earth Lade, Izolda Trakhtenberg presents the “Water, Water Everywhere” natural resources program to 160 middle schoolers.
Unsolicited thank-you note.

The value of these programs is that they teach hard science and math (and tech, language arts, and art) while being ridiculously fun.

Participant interest in science (and STEM and STREAM in general) and the Earth sustains after we work together. Teachers I have worked with have conducted pre- and post- assessments, and the students thrive on these programs because they are relevant and fun.

Curiosity-based Learning

Our programs and lessons spark student curiosity about their environment, their local ecosystems, and planetary processes.

We build communication and outreach into every program and students will have the opportunity to engage their community in awareness and outreach efforts.

See some of the posters students created in a Going Green workshop.


We are thrilled to announce some of our partners in Earth Lady Programs. We help several terrific causes including: